The Iron Hill Vagabonds are a traditional Irish Folk duo performing a vast acoustic mix of both classic and original songs. While billed as traditional Irish folk music, the Iron Hill Vagabonds have delighted audiences with a wonderful array of jovial banter, haunting vocalization, and charming instrumental arrangements.

Mark and Ehrich Gauvin have been performing their whole lives, both individually and as a duo. They really are full time Vagabonds! Even between performances, they hold steadfast to the belief that not all those who wander are lost. They get their name from 200-year-old family home in New York’s Hudson Valley that they grew up in. It comes from the forested hillside riddled with colonial era iron mines. It was at that old farmhouse they sat around the fire and learned to share their musical tradition with their friends and family.

They play music from a wide range of sources. Period Renaissance pieces, as well as traditional Celtic and English pieces from Renaissance Faires they oft preform. They also play a large variety of American traditional music, folk and bluegrass standards as they have grown to love through heavy fan influence. They even play a number of original songs and instrumental pieces.

Since their debut in 2009, Iron Hill Vagabonds have performed at venues including the Texas Renaissance Festival, Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Florida Renaissance Festival, Bristol Renaissance Faire, Connecticut Renaissance Faire, Louisiana Renaissance Festival, and other events.

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